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Why Discreet Pest Control?  Because we intimately understand the years of hard work, creativity, and capital investment that go into establishing a valued reputation in business. In a world that is dominated by social media and rife with identity theft, keeping your public reputation and private information safe are as important to us as it is to you.

Our motto: “Inspect, Evaluate, Eradicate”… Because every home and business has its own subtle environments and pests, we methodically Inspect and gather the facts relating to your individual situation. Then we Evaluate those facts to develop the most effective program for your home or business that you will find on the market. Lastly, we utilize that customized plan to Eradicate pests from your home or business in the most cost effective, environmentally sound and scientific manner possible.

Our Mission Statement: “To provide to our customers the highest quality of general and specialty pest control services available. To protect and further the reputation of the pest control industry by establishing and adhering to the highest level of professional ethics. Finally, to guard our environment and public health through the proper use of Integrated Pest Management protocols.”

My name is Jerry L. Vance, Sr. and I am the General Manager and owner of Discreet Pest Control.  What you just read are more than just words. It is the code by which we do business. With experience since 1980, we have accumulated considerable understanding of the science and art of general pest, rodent control and specialty pests (Gopher control and small animal trapping, bees and wasps, and pigeon control). We are not looking to be the largest pest control provider in the valley, just the best. Contact us anytime for a no obligation inspection and consultation.

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